Super precision bearings

App for super precision bearings


PrecisionDesk simplifies bearing selection and assists in the mounting of bearing arrangement components

The free-of-charge Schaeffler app PrecisionDesk for super precision bearings includes services for rotary and linear bearings of a high precision design ➤ Figure. It assists fitters and engineers in the selection and mounting of bearing arrangement components.

PrecisionDesk for super precision bearings


The advantage for the user is that the data can be accessed from any smartphone. For example, the app can be used to call off bearing-specific measurement records for spindle and rotary table bearings directly and store or send these for the purposes of documentation. For spindle bearings, it is possible to create electronic, bearing-specific data sets in the .csv format and use these, for example, for a logistics system. The app offers Schaeffler customers the possibility of monitoring their own inventory and improving quality in mounting. With such a service tool, Schaeffler is a pioneer in the market.

Access via DMC

Scanning the data matrix code (DMC) on the bearing or the bearing packaging gives access to the scope of performance of the program ➤ Figure.

Data matrix code on rolling bearing

Scope of performance

The scope of performance of the app comprises ➤ Figure:

  • checking of data matrix codes (anti-piracy protection)
  • measurement records for spindle and rotary table bearings
  • recommendations for mounting
  • performance data

Scope of performance of PrecisionDesk

Measurement records for spindle bearings

The measurement records which can be generated contain the following ➤ Figure:

  • bearing ID
  • designation
  • date of manufacture
  • actual value codes (bore diameter, outside diameter)
  • width deviation
  • contact angle
  • overhang

Measurement record for spindle bearings

Recommendations for mounting

  • Correct grease quantity
  • Grease distribution cycle
  • Universal bearing sets
  • Permissible heating temperatures
  • Designation and marking

Performance data

  • Catalogue information
  • Additional product information
  • Direct access to Schaeffler Library

The PrecisionDesk app can be used on Android, IOS and Windows-based operating systems and can be downloaded from the corresponding app stores http://www.schaeffler.de/std/1D3A.